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Episode 109 – Celebrating in the Messy Middle

Listen to Episode 109 here.

She clearly heard the Lord earlier in the year then March came and left her questioning everything.

Meet my friend, Chanda Stegall. Maybe you can relate? Perhaps it isn’t over the pandemic and a High School senior but at some point in your life you thought you heard God speak and you stepped out in faith.

Now what you expected hasn’t happened. At. All.

At this point many of us begin to question: “God, did I hear You?” Or, “Where are You?”

In this episode:

*Chanda walks us through how the Lord met her right where she was, heart pain and all.

*We both share some tender moments of honesty between us as we admit struggles with a messy middle.

*And, for the one finding yourself lost in the wait, not sure where the middle is or if there is even an end, Chanda has some words of encouragement for you around the 22:00 minute mark.

I pray the Lord blesses you as you listen and I hope your faith is ignited to celebrate regardless of what your eyes see!

Chanda has been married to her college sweetheart, Fabian, for 20 years. They have three, growing, active, entertaining and hungry, teenage sons. Chanda loves to trains moms to effectively communicate Scripture and foster a desire for Biblical literacy in their homes. She attended Dallas Theological Seminary and earned a Masters in Christian Education.  Chanda enjoys Instagram and podcasting and she uses both to share relevant Bible teaching and entertaining stories that encourage and equip moms launching teenagers into the world.

You may connect with her here:

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