Eps. 118 Steps That Will Have You Moving In The Wait with Michelle Kuhnen

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Waiting seasons can not only find us waiting in life but also waiting on the sofa binge watching for a mental escape. And, did I forget to mention the bag of chips or a gallon of ice cream?

Not that those are completely bad – I mean, everyone needs some time off – but when we find ourselves there night after night perhaps we should look into doing something different.

If you have found yourself finding more comfort on the sofa than anywhere else, this podcast offers a few steps we can all take to get us moving. As a personal trainer and one who has walked through her own long season of wait, Michelle knows the value that moving brings not only to our bodies but also our mental and spiritual health.

Lace up your shoes and call a friend to join you as you listen in to The Even While Podcast. 

In this episode you will:

*learn how exercise refocuses our mind

*discover how to get more ‘happy’ hormones

*be encouraged in a new way to worship

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Meet our guest: Michelle Kuhnen

Michelle, a Certified Personal Trainer and Owner of the gym Asheville Personal Training has a passion for helping others live healthy, purposeful lives. When she’s not at the gym she’s usually out trail running with her dog Riley or mountain biking with friends.  


Asheville Personal Training

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