Eps 13 – Part One of Wilna van Beek’s Story: How She Walked Away From Homosexuality And Discovered True Joy In Jesus Christ

Join Melinda Patrick and her guest, Wilna van Beek in Part One of their interview together.

In this episode, you will hear how The Bridge Between Us Podcast started and learn how to say “Thank you” in African, but most importantly, you will discover how Wilna walked away from homosexuality and discovered true joy in a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Connect with The Bridge Between Us guest Wilna van Beek:

Wilna is a speaker and author of the book “When Gay Comes Home – Learning to build bridges”. She is the founder and leader of God Gazers Bridge Builders Ministry in Canada and has developed many resources. She has been sharing her amazing story of redemption and transformation after living a homosexual life for years. Wilna has been speaking with large audiences since 2009, equipping hundreds of pastors and leaders on the topic of homosexuality.  Wilna is not unknown to us here at Horizon College and Seminary: she has shared with students numerous times and spoken in our Chapel several times, as well.  

Wilna carries dual citizenship (Canadian/South African) and currently resides in Saskatchewan. She used to own a busy dog grooming salon in Saskatoon but sold it in 2021 and started farming on a small scale, something she is also passionate about. She raises sheep/goats/chickens and has a large vegetable garden.  Wilna is single but has lots of spiritual children; she also considers her 2 wonderful dogs to be her 4-legged kids!

FB: Wilna van Beek

God Gazers website

Listen here to the Bold Mercies’ Podcast where Melinda is a guest. 

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Watch for Part 2 next week, where we learn how God took Wilna’s surrendered heart and used it to expand His Kingdom!

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