Eps 14 -When Pride Met Humility And An LGBTQ Protester Became A Jesus Follower: Part Two with Wilna van Beek

Today’s conversation is part two of Melinda and Wilna’s conversation.

In this episode, Melinda and Wilna are open and raw with their own wrestlings. You will discover:

*the best way to combat pride

*how to best love your LGBTQ-identified loved one

*one thing we can do as the Body of Christ to equip the church for the LGBTQ

Other podcast episodes mentioned:

Eps 7 – A Former Lesbian’s Lifelong Search For Love And How The Church Played An Active Role

Eps 11 – How To Live A Life That Points Others To Jesus

Eps 12 – How To Survive The Holidays When You Really Want To Skip Them

Scripture reference:  Colossians 2:15

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