Eps 17 Christians In A Cancel Culture: How To Walk In The Tension Of Grace & Truth When Homosexuality Hits Home with Joe Dallas

The most common question I receive from parents is, “How do I continue to love my child well and not compromise my values and beliefs as a follower of Jesus Christ?”

As parents, we are not only dealing with the shock and heartbreak of our children coming out to us, but we also need to learn how to walk in the tension of grace & truth.

Joe Dallas is an author, speaker, and ordained pastoral counselor and joining Melinda on the podcast today.

Listen in to discover:

*Important questions we should ask our loved one

*starting points for the church to come alongside parents with children who have embraced an LGBTQ identity

*How to walk in the balance of grace & truth

Joe’s testimony      (scroll to the bottom and click on ‘More About Joe’ to hear Joe share his testimony)

The Challenge For Pastors

When Someone You Love is Gay course



Christians In A Cancel Culture

When Homosexuality Hits Home

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