Eps 22 – Didn’t See THAT Coming: When How They’re Living’s Not How You Raised Them with Dr. Sharon Norris Elliott

You did all the right things. Perhaps, you raised your children in church and set a good example. Now your grown children are making choices of their own, and they aren’t aligning with how you raised them.

Today’s Bridge guest, Dr. Sharon Elliott, completely understands.  She joins us today as a mom who has had children making choices that didn’t line up with their upbringing.

In this episode, Sharon shares:

*how to walk through disappointment

*the difference between confrontation and care-frontation

*why parents need to continue taking their child to Jesus through prayer


You may connect with Dr. Sharon N. Elliott here:


Sharon Elliott Facebook

Sharon Elliott private FaceBook group for her books

Sharon Elliott Instagram


Amazon link for the book:

Didn’t See That Coming: When How They’re Living’s Not How You Raised Them

Other mentions:

Mark 9:14-29

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  1. Jennifer Krogh

    Thank you both for serving God and others out of your hard journeys. I am encouraged and inspired.

    • Melinda Patrick

      Thank you for your words of encouragement and for listening, Jennifer. I am so happy to hear this episode had an impact on you and your journey!


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