Eps 24 – Steps You Can Take As a Parent To Disciple and Be A Source of Healing For Your Child In The Midst of the LGBTQ Agenda

There isn’t one single family that’s not touched by the LGBTQ agenda. In the episode, today’s guest, Cameron Diamond, states: “The future generations are going to need to be stronger than we are, and we have to show them how to get there.”

If this is the case, then:

*How do we teach our children to stand firm under peer pressure?

*What steps can we take to open up conversations in our homes?

*How do we walk through healing with our children?

Cameron Diamond, Identify Ministries’ Board President and Youth Pastor at Jonesville Baptist Church, joins Melinda on the podcast today. Be sure to take out pen and paper, as Cameron shares lots of wisdom and resources.


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Connect with Cameron Diamond: cameron@jonesvillebaptist.com



Epic Transformation Conference

Identify Ministries

Jonesville Baptist Church

Finally Free by Heath Lambert

Tactics by Greg Koukl

Grasping God’s Word by Scott Duvall



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