How To Hear The One Voice That Matters and Seven Words That Can Change The Trajectory Of The One Your Are Praying For {Eps 28}

The best way to pray and intercede is to hear the Father’s heart regarding your loved one and the situation. But how can we do that if we aren’t sure if He speaks and we don’t know how to listen to His voice?

In today’s episode, Julie Holmquist, podcast host of Kairos Moments, is joining me.

Listen in to discover 3 keys to positioning yourself to hear God’s voice:

*Expect the unexpected.

*Practice His presence.

* Be willing to be set apart.


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Connect with our guest, Julie Holmquist:

Julie Holmquist

The Kairos Moment

Julie’s IG


Scriptures mentioned:

John 6:63, 68

Ephesians 5:1-2

1 Samuel 3

Isaiah 55

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