Taking Territory Back: How To Release the Power of God In Your Prayers For Your LGBTQ+ Loved One, Part Two with Lindsey Kiser

Today’s episode is a continuing conversation with Lindsey Kiser.  We dive d e e p into her book  and discuss how to release the power of God in our prayers for our LGBTQ+ loved ones.  To say we get a little passionate may be an understatement but how can you not get excited about all God has done for us and how He has equipped us!

Listen in to hear:

*why Lindsey wrote ‘Piercing the Night: Strategic Intercession to Set The LGBTQ+ Captives Free

*How to release the power of God in your prayers

*How intercession raids the Enemy’s camp


Lindsey Kiser’s testimony:

The Lord’s Pursuit 


Connect with Lindsey Kiser:





Piercing the Night: Strategic Intercession to Set the LGBTQ+ Captives Free


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Other mentions:

Transformation Ministries Alliance 


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