How To Overcome Grief When It Is Impacting Your Life and Relationship With Your LGBTQ Identified Child {Eps 41}

Do you find yourself not knowing how to move beyond grief?

Sometimes, there comes a time in life when we need to stop being sad and start getting angry. Grief, which has chosen to hang around a little longer than it should, is one of those times.

In today’s episode, listen in to hear how to move forward:





Special thanks to Adonis Bemish for giving us a word of encouragement at the beginning of the episode.  I have known Adonis for 5 years now and it is a great joy to watch God work in his life.  Thank you, Adonis!

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  1. Nancy Wells

    I am so thankful to have found this podcast. You have addressed the exact grief and sadness I have been experiencing over my son’s choices. Now I know what to do with all these emotions that are getting in the way and disrupting my relationship with God and others.

    • Melinda Patrick

      Hello Nancy,
      I am so thankful the Lord doesn’t leave us ill-equipped or turn a deaf ears towards our prayers and grief. You aren’t alone! Feel free to reach out any time!


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