Jessica Rose – From Transgender to Transformed: Ways We Can Build a Bridge To Our Children and Be Prepared To Walk Out the Healing Journey with Them {Eps 43}

We pray and cry out to God to set our children and the LGBTQ Community free but are we prepared for how it will look?  Are we ready to receive with open arms those finding freedom? What can we be doing now to be a bridge to the LGBTQ Community?

In our episode today, Jessica Rose, a former trans-man – now Child of God and Daughter of the King shares with Melinda portions of her healing journey.

Listen in to learn:

*Questions to ask your child if they come to you sharing their gender dysphoria or same-sex attraction

*Ways parents and the Church can be a part of the healing process

*what to expect in the transformation process


If Jessica Rose’s story has brought you hope and encouragement, will you please share it with 5 other people?  Where the world is shouting loud that transformation isn’t possible, we need to share more boldly that with God, all things are possible!

Mentions in the episode:

Jessica’s TikTok video on her coming out to her church

Ken William’s Book and resources: The Journey Out

Restored Hope Network Hope 2024 Conference

If you are looking for community during the Christmas season, I will be hosting a Zoom meeting 3 times in December.  Please email: for more information.

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  1. Lori Martin

    This was an amazing heart-changing episode for me.
    Thank you Jessica and Melinda for your openness and direction

    • Melinda Patrick

      Thank you for listening, Lori! I’m so thankful you were encouraged!


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