Lori Margo: Tracking God – Positioning Ourselves to See God In the Midst Of A Difficult Season {Eps 48}

Lori Margo is joining Melinda’s conversation today.  Lori is no stranger to difficult seasons and wondering where God is. It is through one particular heartbreaking time in Lori’s life that she came to understand the importance of tracking God in her life and the life of her family. Today, Lori equips others to track God and watch peace rule where panic once controlled.

Listen in today to learn:

*the importance of tracking God

*where to uncover the deep gifts of God

*and how to document your faith and watch God surprise you

Scriptures mentioned:

Habakkuk Chapters 1-3

Philippians 4:4-9

Matthew 11:28-30

Psalm 77


Connect with Lori Margo:

Lori Margo teaches women to notice God in the details of their lives, so their faith is strengthened. Lori is a speaker and writer who shares her own story of seeing the surprising presence of God during uncertain times. She now equips women to track the threads of His faithfulness and trust Him in their journey.

Lori is from the central coast of California and married to Eddie, the “cutest guy in the church youth group!” They have three amazing kids and twin grandbabies– 1 year old boys. Lori loves beach walks, going to the movies, and peanut butter! (Not necessarily in that order!)

You can learn more about Lori’s speaking and Tracking God groups at lorimargo.com

Tracking God quiz


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