As the news comes that your child has embraced an LGBTQ identity, life as you know it changes.

For many Christian parents, one of the biggest questions is:  How do we love our child with grace and Truth? 

The Bridge Between Us Podcast discusses how to love our child well while not compromising Truth.

Each week we will:

  • hear testimonies of those who have been set free from an LGBTQ identity and walking in freedom with Jesus Christ
  • gain wisdom and teaching from parents, counselors, and pastors who have been or are still on this journey
  • be equipped and emboldened through Biblical teaching
This podcast is for:  Christian parents, family, and friends who love someone who has embraced an LGBTQ identity, pastors, youth pastors, lay leaders in the church, and counselors.
Luis Ruiz – Eps 35 – Part Two – The Faithfulness of God

Luis Ruiz – Eps 35 – Part Two – The Faithfulness of God

Oh, the faithfulness of God!  He is not only at work in pursuing our children, but He is in hot pursuit of our hearts, too. One of my favorite quotes from Luis:  "I thank God that I had a mom and dad that knew the power of intercession and prayer even when it looked...