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The Daring Rescue

I feel confident in saying no parent would ever ask for their child to experience same-sex attraction or transgender desires. Nor would most children ask for either of those disordered desires. This journey is painful and heartbreaking and can divide families. It even has the potential to lead the most committed follower of Jesus to question the Word of God.

Over the last 11-plus years, I have watched many parents who once vowed their undying love toward Jesus Christ now deny His power to work and bring life transformation in their child’s life and their own. Many parents compromise their biblical beliefs to maintain a relationship with their children. On the other hand, there are parents who refuse to walk with their children in a loving relationship once they hear the news of their child embracing an LGBTQ-identity.

What if there is a better way?

In The Daring Rescue, the reader will:

  • → Discover how to love their child well while not compromising the Word of God

  • → Be informed how to best live their life in a way that reflects the heart of Jesus toward their child

  • → Receive steps they can take to co-labor with Jesus in His pursuit of our child’s heart

  • → Move from fear to faith

Throughout my and my daughter’s almost twelve-year journey, I have discovered three vital principles that will enable you to love your child well while boldly and daringly trusting King Jesus as you co-labor with Him where He is at work:


Your success hinges on your engagement with God, your child—when possible, and yourself.


You have been entrusted with the Gospel, your child, and your story.


You are equipped. God will never send His warrior into a battle to be defeated.

At the end of each chapter, the reader will find 3 sections: 

Action steps that can be applied immediately to their life.

Reminders of important lessons learned in that chapter.

Tracing the Father’s Heart will encourage the reader to dig deeper into Scripture and allow the Holy Spirit to minister to him or her.

Melinda Patrick

As Director of Parent Support for His Wonderful Works since 2013, host of the award-winning podcast, The Bridge Between Us: Loving Your LGBTQ-identified Child Without Compromising Truth, and author of The Daring Rescue: Joining Jesus Christ In His Pursuit Of Your LGBTQ-Identified Child’s Heart, Melinda Patrick has been able to minister to many families with children and loved ones who have embraced an LGBTQ identity. Having a daughter involved in the LGBTQ community for over 12 years, Melinda knows what it is like to grieve the choices our loved ones have made and understands the helplessness when things aren’t as we had hoped. Through her healing journey and the healing relationship with her daughter, she is passionate about emboldening and equipping parents to join Jesus Christ where He is at work in their life and family.

Along with meeting families one-on-one, Melinda has had the opportunity to speak life into the lives of many families through radio, TV, podcast interviews, and guest blogging. She is an international speaker who speaks at family conferences, church ministry events, and parent groups to equip families and the church to love well while not compromising Truth.