With over 20+ years of women’s and parent ministry experience and over 15 years of speaking experience, Melinda brings gained wisdom and Biblical application to every event.


Melinda knows how important it is to have good communication between the host and guest speaker. With over 15 years of event planning experience, her goal is to not only serve your audience but to come alongside the host to make the event planning process as easy as possible. Melinda finds great joy in fully engaging with the planning team and attendees before, during and after the event.


Each message can be tailored to meet the needs of your group and theme.

Each message ranges from 30 minutes to an hour and is adaptable for retreats, women’s teas, conferences, parent conferences, and other special events.

Each message can be combined or expanded for 1/2 day, full day, or weekend retreat and if desired, interactive group activities.

Melinda at window seat with her bible

Signature Message:

The Unexpected Invitation

Every one of us have had a season where we feel like life is on hold, our prayers aren’t being answered or God seems distant and unavailable.

A long-extended wait can have us weary in hope, depleted of joy, and doubting the love & goodness of God. Next thing we know, we’ve veered off course living a life God never intended us to live.

But what if God is using this season to extend an invitation? Could it be there’s more to this waiting season than our eyes see?

Because what we do in the wait matters for eternity!



Attendee Benefit

Attendees will come to understand the steps to:

  • Abiding in Christ
  • Joining God where He is at work
  • Living a life that makes an eternal impact

This awareness sets her up to be a woman who reveals the living God to a hurting world.

Contact Melinda

If you would like to inquire about speaking engagements or podcast interviews, please fill out the contact form here.  I would love for us to talk and see how I can best serve you and your audience. I look forward to speaking with you soon!

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What others are saying about Melinda’s speaking:

Thank you for a wonderful weekend. You came prepared and prayed up and God’s presence was over every minute. It was a beautiful time with the women in our community.

Gina Stinson,
FBCH Women’s Ministry Leader

I truly enjoyed hearing all you had to say. Thank you for making the trek and also for sharing your story. It definitely touched me and showed me a new perspective.

Cristy D.,
Event attendee

Anointed, powerful and engaging — these are just some words that I think of when I think of Melinda and her speaking style.

I watched myself and an audience be literally on the edge of our seats as she transparently spoke the Word in such a way that was both challenging and encouraging leaving us with a choice to leave and walk in victory.

I would recommend Melinda for any event!!

Jenn Hand,
Author of My Yes Is On The Table and Director of Coming Alive Ministries

Melinda has a testimony that God is using to turn even the hardest hearts toward Him and refresh the spirits of faithful believers.  The unmistakable presence of the Holy Spirit fills the room, and no word or phrase is spoken in vain. 

Greg W.,
Event Attendee

Melinda has a God given ability to teach the Word in a way that penetrates your heart, floods your soul, and leaves you longing for more of Jesus.

Angela M.,
Event attendee

In Melinda’s teaching, she uses her real-life pain and stories to parallel with Biblical events. Her use of words and analogies bring my relationship with Christ to an embracing and loving relationship that helps me understand to rely on God and not myself.

Lori M.,
Event Attendee

Melinda’s faithfulness and obedience in the Lord is an inspiration to anyone who has an opportunity to hear her testimony. A true display of God’s love for us.

Valerie M.,
Event Attendee